Aquarium Water Chiller Fish Tank Water Constant Temperature Cooling System Quiet

Aquarium Water Chiller Fish Tank Water Constant Temperature Cooling System Quiet

Aquarium Water Chiller Fish Tank Water Constant Temperature Cooling System Quiet
Note: This is Multi-options listing, different options include different items, please kindly confirm before you order it! The Aquarium Chiller Brief Introductions. Coming with high efficiency refrigeration compressor, the aquarium chiller adopts R134a as its refrigerant -- environment friendly and energy-efficient -- and it can control the water temperature within 68-78/20-26 continuously, allowing your fishes to grow happily and freely. It also uses a corrosion-resistant pure titanium pump, which can achieve the best between fresh water and seawater. Built-In silent Fans for Fast Cooling. The chiller has two silent cooling fans which have marvelous heat dissipation effect.

It eusures the safe&proper working environoment for the compressor so it can work in high effciency and keep quiet at the same time. In addition, there are a large number of cooling vents on the 2 sides of the chiller to speed up heat dissipation to keep the water in the fish tank always cool. So leave 6 inches/15 cm of space around the chiller to ensure good air circulation.

The corrosion resistant titanium pipes make sure it works with both seawater and fresh water. Aquariums & hydroponics applicable too.

When water gets though the chiller, heat will be taken away so the tank stays in a stable and cooler temperature and clean water will be pumped into as well. All these features make the chiller more durable to use and has longer service life.

Every chiller has a tolerance value setting (F1) of 1-60. For example, I set the starting temperature to 79°F and the tolerance value to 2, then when the chiller detects that the temperature of the chiller's water is 79°F, the chiller will automatically run and cool down until the water temperature is 77°F. Repeat cycle to cool down. The special noise-reduction design makes the compressor run very quietly, the low-noise operation will not affect your daily work and rest. And monitors the water temperature in real-time, when the water temperature is higher than the starting temperature, the chiller automatically runs to cool down.

After power off and restarting, the chiller will continue to cool according to the original set temperature. The cooling temp is affected by the ambient temp and the size of the fish tank. For example, the room temp is 77, using AL-160, the water with a capacity of 150L can drop to75-78. For 35 gal/132L is almost down to 73and if you want to drop below 68F, the water volume is recommended to be below 80L.

If you want to achieve a better cooling effect, it is recommended to choose a larger model AL-300. We have upgraded the instructions and temperature controller based on previous after-sales problems, more precise temperature control and convenient temperature setting.

The proper temperature is the prerequisite for the reproduction of aquatic organisms. Our chiller is ideal for adjusting the water temperature.

Beautiful and generous, low noise operation. Simple temperature setting, easy to use, light and easy. The button switch is clear at a glance, easy to learn. Clear drain icon, easy to use. Hand-held design on the side, allowing you to move more conveniently.

Pipes need to be inserted into the water inlet and outlet for circulating cooling. Raise fish first, and water temperature is the best.

The fish tank chiller makes the fish rippling in the cool, rejecting high temperature and heat. Energy saving and environmental protection.

Compressor refrigeration, environmental protection and no emissions. Common for fresh water, aquatic plants and sea water tanks. One chiller for multiple purposes, a good deal. Built-in fan to cool down rapidly. Rapid heat dissipation capacity, allowing you to save electricity and time, efficient heat dissipation.

Cooling Fans & Vents Design. The cooling fan and side vents are designed to dissipate heat in time, which can better maintain the chiller, save electricity and time, and keep the water in the fish tank always cool. Please heck and clean the water pump monthly to to make sure the water. One-button switch design can easily and conveniently control the operation of the machine, you can choose to use or end according to actual needs.

Power-on delay is 2-3 minutes, please wait patiently for COOL to long light. Flashing: turning on, Long light : working, Light off: work off. Stop temp set ; Tolerance set F1 ; Calibration set F2. Save and Return to the menu (Displays current temp of the water tank).

This product is specially designed for cooling fish tanks, and can be used in general cooling places. Suitable for aquatic plant cultivation, jellyfish cultivation, coral cultivation, crystal cultivation, etc. Size: 34 20 30 (Cm). Input Power: 0.1 (Kw).

Evaporator: Pure Titanium Coil (Corrosion Resistant). Water Inlet And Outlet Specifications: f12 Or 6 Points Outer Wire. Application Field: Cooling Of Ornamental Fish Tank. Purpose: Cooling The Fish Tank, It Can Be Used In General Cooling Places.

In transmit for the hot season is coming. Please kindly be patiently wait for your order.

Please make sure it's correct and include. This will help your product to be received safely and quickly! And we are not responsible for order's delay or miss because of your incomplete contact information. 2 months free repair for the devices. If after 30 days, or the item has been used, we have the right to decline your claim. We have office in Shenzhen, China and 2 warehouses that are located in HongKong and US. Give us an opportunity to try. And make it right before leaving feedback. Customer Service Hours: M-F: 9:30AM - 18:00PM BST (Beijing Standard Time). This item is in the category "Pet Supplies\Fish & Aquariums\Heaters & Chillers". The seller is "wewins" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to United States.

Aquarium Water Chiller Fish Tank Water Constant Temperature Cooling System Quiet

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